Zyrobond Methacrylate Adhesive

MMA 7306


Strengthened, structural dual-component adhesive system for bonding a wide variety of metals and precious metals, thermoplastics, acrylic, wood, ceramic, stone, etc.

Areas of Application

Automotive components, vehicle construction, machine housing, caravans, boats, window frames, furniture, signs, displays, motorcycle fairings, tool handles, stainless steel push fittings, etc.

Application Examples

  • High strength aluminium and stainless steel bonding.
  • Bonding felt onto aluminium profiles.
  • Bonding flat iron, sheet metal panels and corner angles.
  • Clutch plate assembly.
  • Repair and correction of breaks, dry boreholes, cracks and holes.
  • Reinforcement and installation of floor plates in car bodywork.
  • Fibreglass repair.
Size 25 ml 50 ml
Art. Nr. 12 7306 N2 12 7306 N3
Working Time 5 – 7 min
Workable After 1 – 3 hours
Final Cure 24 hours
Glue Joint Thickness 0,5 – 5,0 mm
Max. Elongation 7 %
Temperature Resistance -40°C to +120°C

Methacrylate Adhesive

Dual-component adhesive for high strength bonding.


  • Ideal for discrete bonding.
  • Excellent shear strength, shock and peel resistance.
  • Bonds different construction parts and elements with each other or in combination.
  • For bonding and repair work which requires mechanical finishing.
  • Possesses excellent gap-filling properties.

Instructions for Use

The surface should be clean, dry and free of contaminants such as oil or grease. Surfaces that are lightly sanded prior to bonding are particularly well suited for this product. The components A and B must be mixed in equal proportions. The 2 components should be mixed thoroughly to ensure optimal bonding. MMA 7306-S can immediately be applied by using a static mixer onto the surface to be bonded. To be sure that the mixing ratio 100% is accurate, it is beneficial to express and discard a small portion of the adhesive. Excess adhesive can be removed with organic solvents. The bonded joint should be loaded only after the final cure, in order to ensure a full strength bond. Caution: Mixing large volumes causes an exothermic reaction. Heat and smoke is created.