High Performance Polish

Unique product for cleaning, polishing, restoring and protecting a variety of surfaces.
Suitable for chrome, brass, stainless steel, silver, gold, bronze, copper, aluminium, platinum, tin, fibreglass, acrylic, Perspex®, ceramic, glass, enamel, porcelain, Melamine®, Formica®, painted surfaces and much more.


Food Industry:

NSF No.130040 (including FDA 21 CFR) as a metal cleaner and polish for incidental food-contact surfaces (A7) in and around food preparation areas.

Aviation and Space Industry:

Boeing D6-17487 Revision P, Outside and General Cleaner, liquid, wax, cleaning and polishing product. AMS 1650C, Polishing product, Aircraft Metal paste Type 2. Douglas Aircraft Company Customer Service Document CSD No. 1, Type 1: Materials and methods for general outside cleaning of lacquered and unlacquered surfaces (Universal Cleaner)


Stock Number 7930997786253 (NSN) – identification number for unique products globally registered for to supply the military.

Size Tube
100 ml
1000 ml
Art. Nr. 40 0100 00  40 1000 00
Base Material Paste with micro fine powders
Colour Blue
Odour Characteristic
Packaging Tube 100 ml
Tin 1000 ml
Evaporation Rate Slow
Oxidation Non-oxidising (according to EC criteria)
Dispersion in Water Insoluble
Specific Gravity 1,03 g/cm³
pH 10,0


High Performance Polish

Special Features:

  • The most universal of all comparable polishes.
  • Provides a bright shine, even on the most heavily tarnished surface.Protects against environmental influences and leaves a light, invisible, protective shine.

Areas of Application

Bakeries, industry, trade, hotels, bars and restaurants, motor vehicles and motorcycles, janitorial, sanitary installations, military, marine, aviation, food industry, old-timer repair shops, antiques and art workshops, jewellery and coins, sports and hunting.


  • Removal of oxidation, corrosion, rust and brake pad residue.
  • Removal of wax and powder residue.
  • Removal of fingerprints, water, urine scale, salt-water stains and lime-scale.
  • Removing graffiti, coloured and felt-tip pen marks, ink, grease and insect remains.
  • Removing food stains, blood stains, smoke damage and heat discolouration.

Instructions for use

  1. Use product sparingly. Do not allow to dry. Rub with a dry or moist cloth on the surface to be cleaned quickly and finish polishing with a dry cloth. For strong weathering or deep scratches, the process can be repeated several times. In this case, the product should be applied firstly with firm pressure, then with decreasing pressure and finally with a damp cloth.
  2. A slow-speed polishing machine (under 1000 rpm) can be used on larger surfaces.
  3. On complex surfaces (corners, narrow passages), it is recommended to use a toothbrush wrapped with a polishing cloth or similar.
  4. For rust or stubborn deposits the product can be applied with a nylon scouring pad or steel wool (No. 0000).