Zyrobond Polyurethane Adhesive

PUR 6101


High strength, structural and fast-curing dual-component adhesive system for plastic constructive bonding and repair of plastics.

Areas of Application

Motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, caravans and boats, machine housings, metal and mould construction, heating and plumbing, electrical panels, signs and displays etc, …

Application Examples

  • Repairing exterior mirrors, bumpers, front grills, lamp housings, boots and bonnets, wings, bumpers, sills, side panelling and convertible hardtops.
  • Repairing fairing and bodywork on motorbikes and racing vehicles.
  • Repairing roof and body spoilers on commercial vehicles and traction engines.
Size 50 ml
Art. Nr. 12 6101 S3
Working Time 1 min
Workable After 15 min
Overpaintable After 1 hour
Shore Strength 80 D
Max. Elongation 15 %
Temperature Resistance -36°C to +100°C

Polyurethane Adhesive

Dual-component adhesive for high strength bonding.

Special Features:

  • For bonding and repair work which requires mechanical finishing.
  • Excellent shear strength, shock and peel resistance.
  • Good thixotropic characteristics, does not sack and offers good gap-fill properties.

Instructions for Use

The surface should be clean, dry and free of contaminants such as oil or grease. Surfaces that are lightly sanded prior to bonding are particularly well suited for this product. The components A and B must be mixed in equal proportions. The 2 components should be mixed thoroughly to ensure optimal bonding. PUR 6101 can be applied by using a static mixer directly onto the surface to be bonded. To be sure that the mixing ratio 100% is accurate, it is beneficial to express and discard a small portion of the adhesive. Excess adhesive can be removed with organic solvents. The bonded joint should be loaded only after the final cure, in order to ensure a full strength bond.

Plastic repair with Polyurethane Adhesives PUR 6101

  1. Prepare
    Remove coarse dirt from the surface to be repaired and clean with a suitable cleaning agent. Wipe with a cloth and sand the damaged area on both sides with grain 80 sandpaper.
  2. Work
    Grind a 50mm-long V-shaped depression (using a compressed air grinder, axial grinder or angle grinder) and sand the area again with grain 80 sandpaper.
  3. Clean
    Blow the repair area clean and then spray with a cleaner. Wipe both sides with a clean cloth. The adhesive surface should be perfectly clean. The adhesive can be applied after 2 minutes.
  4. Apply
    Cut a suitable piece of Reinforced Repair Mesh, apply the PUR 6101 to the Repair Mesh and bring onto the damaged area within 50 seconds.
  5. Model
    Immediately press as much adhesive as possible from the back through the V-depression, apply the Modelling Film to the front and model the mass as required. Avoid direct skin contact.
  6. Sand
    Remove both foils after 15 minutes and sand the surface. (Use grain 80 and then grain 180 for final sanding). High speeds or high temperatures should be avoided.
  7. Correct
    Apply cleaner once again to the surface and blow clean. If necessarry, apply Zyrobond PUR 6101 (or filler) in order to level out any unevennes.
  8. Final finish
    If correcting using Zyrobond PUR 6101, sand the surface with grain 180 – 220, clean with a suitable cleaning agent and paint according to paint manufacturer‘s instructions.