Zyrobond Retaining Compound

AN 3641

Medium Strength

Suitable for fixing cylindrical parts requiring easy disassembly.

  • Ideal for slightly oily surfaces.
  • For securing bushings and bearings, for fixing rollers and for assembling shaft seals and press fittings.
  • Gap Fill: 0,20 mm
  • Working Time: 30 min
  • Temperature Resistance: up to +150°C
Sizte 20 ml 50 ml 250 ml
Art. Nr. 10 3641 02 10 3641 03 10 3641 04
Strength Medium Strength
Fixing Time (min) 30
Functional Cure (hrs.) 2 – 4
Viscosity (cps) 1000
Gap Fill Maximum (mm) 0,20
Thread-Ø Maximum (Zoll)
Thread-Ø Recomm. (mm)
Strength 24 hrs. (Nm²) 12
Strength 30 min (Nm²)
Temp. (°C) 150
Specific Gravity 1,07

Retaining Compound

Anaerobic adhesives for securing bushings, bearings, rollers, sleeves and shafts.

Special Features:

  • Prevent friction.
  • Protect against pressure and temperature fluctuations, vibration, impact and load transfer.
  • Prevent fretting corrosion.
  • Bridge large tolerances.

Instructions for use

The surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants such as oil or grease. If the material consists of passive metal, or if the cure is too slow, an activator should be used. The product is to be shaken thoroughly before use.


Push Fittings: Apply the adhesive ringlike on the outer edge of the shaft and on the inside of the hub and turn the parts against each other during assembly to ensure an optimal distribution of the adhesive.

Press Fittings: Apply the glue evenly to the operative area and press the parts together quickly

Shrink Fittings: Apply the adhesive onto the shaft and the heat the hub to create enough play for the parts. The parts should not be moved until the handling strength is achieved.


Heat the joint locally to approx. 250°C and disassemble while warm.


Lay the cured product in solvent and then mechanically remove the residue.